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What is the Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI]?
The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the government agency that has among other tasks is responsible for management of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and related laws and benefits defined by law. SSDI is a federal insurance program intended to provide benefits payable each month to individuals who are no longer able to work as a result of a disability. Applicable rules and conditions have to be met before SSDI benefits are determined.
Your eligibility for any SSDI benefits depends on whether you have been employed and paid Social Security taxes, and duration of the years and periods you have worked and are now disabled due to a qualified illness or injury. Once you file a claim with SSA for your SSDI benefits, you will have a chance provide any evidence and prove your claim to SSA (based on applicable SSA regulations) . You have to prove you cannot do your former job or any other type of work (in the National Economy) because you are disabled. It can be a bit complex, because you might be able to still work on a part time basis in some cases, but SSA sets limits on scope of your work if you are collecting SSDI benefits. Additionally, your disability must be expected to last for at least a period of one year (12 months).
To calculate your SSDI benefit amount, the SSA uses a formula based on your average lifetime earnings and the total number of years you have worked. If you have a family, you could receive additional benefits of up to 50% of your own monthly benefit amount.
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SSA considers all evidence and information about your claim. A complete review of this material, especially your medical history and records, is made before a decision about your claim is made. Your claim will travel through several stages, and it might be initially rejected. Whether you come to us with a new claim that has not been filed, or your claim was rejected once you filed it, we can help you. Your file has to be completed and prepared to maximize your chances of success and this where our knowledge and experience will help you. At Hatixhe B. Grbeshi Law Office, we know very well how the process of a SSDI claim works and have received favorable decisions for a great many cases. We have years of solid and winning track record of SSDI claims and are here to help you. Also, if you do not recover and do not receive disability payments, we do not get paid either. So, does not matter if you have a new case, or and one that has been in process and has been rejected and needs to be appealed, we can assist you. We are here to recover and secure Social Security Disability benefits for you. We are on your side.
The following is a partial list of disability conditions that are by law eligible for SSDI benefits.
For the complete list of conditions qualified, you can look at the following page of the SSA website here.