Hatixhe Berani Grbeshi is licensed to practice law in California and has enjoyed serving communities in Santa Clara County for over twenty-two years. Hatixhe came to the United States as a Kosovo refugee in 1999 and has thrived despite many of the obstacles faced not only by refugees but young mothers everywhere.
Her practice, primarily focused on Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), has arisen from her ten years of training and service to the community as a behavioral mental health specialist. She worked for the Asian American for Community Involvement/AACI, Eastern European Service Agency, the Drug treatment court of San Jose-under auspices of Catholic Charities (where she worked with the honorable judge Terry), and Gardner Mental Health Corporation.
Hatixhe also served as a legal intern at the Public Defender’s office in San Jose, where she visited inmates at Elmwood jail and in the mental health department of the honorable Judge Manley (Drug Treatment Court.) She also interned at the Family Justice Center and the Hall of Justice-for the honorable judge Chatman.
Hatixhe obtained her Juris Doctorate (J.D.) at Lincoln Law School of San Jose and is also trained in law in Eastern Europe, where she graduated from Law University in Pristina/Kosova where her studies covered international laws as well. She is also certified in Mediation from Santa Clara County and the Loyola Medication Center. In addition to English, she speaks Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Hatixhe has spoken extensively on SSI and SSDI benefits and the overlaps with mental health, among other things. She has presented to many diverse groups including; Parents Helping Parents (PHP), Catholic Charities of San Jose, International Rescue Committee (IRC) of San Jose and Oakland, Valley Medical Center (VMC), Indian Health Center, Refugee Clinic-San Jose, San Francisco General Hospital, Muslim Community Association, Eritrean Community Center, Valley Health Center-Milpitas, Oakland Health Collaborative, African Community Health Institute, Gilroy school district fair, Mekong Community Center Mental Health Services for Vietnamese and Asian Americans, UJIMA and other places.
Hatixhe was the architect of the initiative from the San Jose Refugee and Immigrant Forum of Santa Clara County (with other collaboratives on behalf of California) and participated in the White House, convening (06/2016) to help with pathways for skilled refugee and immigrant professionals. To this day, she was nominated and serves on various boards/entities to further help and serve those in need. Hatixhe has received several awards including the 2017 Beacon of Light Award given by the Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations, Commendation by Board of Supervisors of Santa Clara County for dedicated contributions to the community, Congressional Recognition from congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, and Senate Recognition from Senator Jim Beall, Drug Treatment Court of San Jose, and a number of others for her dedication and contributions to the vulnerable, disabled, and homeless communities.
Her unique experience, training, and education provides Hatixhe with the skills to tackle any challenge and face any adversity. Call today to see how she might help you!
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"We are always here on your side"

We do not get paid unless we do win and recover benefits for you. In some specific cases, or services, we will ask for fees directly from the client. But, this is very rare.

Our fees are set by the government. We do not set our own fees. At present, our fees are 25% of back benefit payments recovered, but no more than a maximum But, that is the maximum.

First of all, unless we win and recover for you, we do not get paid. If we do recover payments for you, as an example, suppose we recover $40,000.00 in back-benefits for you, plus the monthly payments of course that you received. We cannot be paid from your monthly payments and future payments. We only receive maximum of $7200 or 25% of the $40,000.00. Here, since 25% of the $40k is $10,000.00, we cannot collect more that $7200 (subject to fees we pay from this amount to SSA for administrative purposes). However, if you only recover say $10,000.00 we only receive $2500.00 since that is 25% of the sum we recovered for you.

Typically, clients do not pay for any expenses, but for costs of getting medical records, or if you need to see a doctor or other healthcare provider for expert reports in support of your claim. Some of your medical costs might be covered by an insurance policy if you have such coverage. We cannot control these costs, but will do our best to advise you of your options.

SSDI and SSI cases take several months to more than a year at times before they are concluded. Only exceptions are when a claimant has emergency needs (such as disability that requires immediate assistance, or a life threatening condition where time is of the essence). We can try to ask SSA to expedite such cases, and the decision lies with the agency and/or the judge in your case.